Wavy fields. Open skies. Loose curls. Oklahoma sunsets. Random dancing. Squinty eyes. Wind-blown hair. Bare feet. And lots of laughter.

This is what makes my heart skip a beat; it’s what’s worth chasing.

I’m so passionate about all things love and marriage, so my joy in being able to participate in others’ celebration of it is unmatched. I aim for simplicity with big emotion. My goal is to make an image center around feelings - not your clothes, your hair or even you as a person. I want what flows out of you; whatever makes you tick, whatever it is that makes you love one another more than life - that is the story I want to tell most.


Hey, it’s Kasey.


I’m a natural light photographer specializing in elopements and all things couples.


I’m married to a crazy, hyperactive, Jesus-loving, overalls-wearing, daydreamer who is truly the love of my life. You can probably find us walking around town with our pup, riding on our wild hog (aka moped), watching New Girl or hiking across the Wichita’s.


based in sw oklahoma


instagram | @kaseybrownphoto